Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mooseknuckler Pics

More verbiage later...

Well later has arrived.

I got in three descent rides this week. First up, we hit Sidney Peak to Bunker Creak on Monday with my dad. He was going too fast for me to get a pic, but I snagged one of KB who was slowed down by her hurt wrist. The trail is in good condition, or is in normal condition seeing that the majority of the trail is fall line and is always completely eroded.

This was the first ride after changing the singlespeed set up a bit and things went semi-poorly. I didn't exactly follow directions on the new bio-centric thingy from Niner so, it didn't work too well. In a breaking news update, I followed the directions this morning and it looks to be holding perfectly. The tubeless set up worked as well as I had expected. They stayed aired up for at least the entire ride...

I have to throw this out there. Right now, I don't care how shitty the trail conditions are, if its under 90 degrees I'm stoked to be riding.

Second ride was a morning jaunt up the Tukupetsi. We needed to get the dogs out. They loved it. My only comment: not sure how the chain didn't come off.

Third ride, KB and I got out Wednesday morning for a road ride. I took the singlespeed Tri-cross up Snow Canyon. I've gone up the highway to the top but never the opposite direction. I must say that the ride was nice. Definitely easier than the other way, but still a bitch squared to get up without a granny. KB thought she was going to drop me on the descent, but I held my own and left her behind even with only one gear.

That's my ride report.

Peace. Love. and Revolution.
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